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Amps to VA calculator

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                         Amps to VA calculator


Before transforming ampere to volt-ampere it will be beneficial to know regarding what these quantities are. An ampere is a quantity of electric current, whereas a volt-ampere is a quantity of apparent power in a circuit.

Ø Amps

Amps is a unit to assess the quantity of electron flow or current flowing in an electrical conductor. An ampere of current exemplifies a coulomb of electrical charge, running before a particular point in one second. Physical scientists examine current to run from significantly positive points to significantly negative points.


Ø Volt-ampere (VA)

 V.A (volt-ampere) is the unit obtained for the apparent power in a circuit. The apparent energy equivalents the outcome of RMS current and root-mean-square. In DC (direct current) circuits, this outcome is proportionate to the actual power in watts. Volt-amperes i.e. VC are beneficial in the factors of charging current circuits.


Ø What is Amps to VA calculator?

Amps to VA calculator is a conversion totalizer that transforms the voltage in volts and the current in Ampere into Volt-amps i.e. VA. Amps to VA calculator is an easy calculating device and expects you to fill in the accurate units in the provided text area. It instantly takes out the computation as soon as the values are typed accurately. The “Calculate” and “Reset” button is very much helpful at the time of performing calculations as they perform various processes as per their use.


Ø How to use Amps to VA calculator?

In the Amps to VA calculator the initial stage is to choose the phases i.e. single phase or three phases. Secondly, type the current in amps in the given text fields and accordingly the voltage respectively.  Then, click on the calculate button and the Amps to VA calculator will execute the performance and the ultimate output.

Accordingly, it is extremely significant if you need to execute new calculations then, click on the “reset “ button and it will remove the entire earlier entries. For instance, there are 50 currents in amps and voltage of 100 Volts, therefore your outcomes in VA i.e. Volt-amps will be 5000. A similar method can be pursued when you need to evaluate the Volt-amps utilizing various units.

If you are evaluating making use of a three-phase, then proceed with the exact process by filling the ampere and line to line volts in their relevant cells. Suppose have 60 amps and 100 volts in a three-phase, therefore you will 10392.304845 VA as a result.