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Ø eV (Electron Volt)

Electron volt (eV) is a unit of energy. One eV is proportional to the quantity of energy an electron obtains by stimulating between a potential difference of a volt. eV is periodically made use as an estimate of particle energies even though it is not an SI unit. Joule is the SI unit of energy. 1 eV=1.602× 10-19 joule. Convert eV to volts with the help of eV to volts calculator and get the accurate output.


Ø Volts

Volts is interpreted as the distinction of potential that will transmit one amp of current in opposition to one-ohm resistance. Electric Potential in its SI unit.


Ø What is eV to volts calculator?

eV to volts calculator is a tool that transforms the energy from eV i.e. electron-volts to volts. Calculation through this calculator is extremely simple and is performed instantly and is beneficial is conducting a variety of various transformations of eV to electrical voltage in volts.


Ø How does eV to volts calculator work?

eV to volts calculator works incredibly straightforward. It contains three text areas and an alternative of choosing the load category of the unit. To start the calculation method, firstly, enter the units in electron-volts denoted i.e. eV. It furthermore allows you a choice of determining the charge unit type, i.e. it can be one of two, Coulomb unit or elementary charge unit. It's anyway crucial to assess this point to prevent incorrect computations because the eV to volts calculator delivers a result counting on the data's you had filled in the above fields.

The following text areas instructs you to fill in the fundamental  charge that is constantly represented by (e). As soon as you enter all the data's in every filed, click on the “Calculate” button which performs the computations. Now, the output will get displayed instantly relying on the units typed in the information box and the charging unit category which has been determined.

Always keep in mind to click on the “reset” button before starting the another calculation.

Formulas which the calculator takes up while conducting the calculations are:

·        Using elementary charge for computation of eV to volts

V (V)= E(eV)/Q (e)

This formula shows that the voltage in volts is evaluated by halving the eV by the Q i.e. electric charge.

·        Using Coulombs for the calculation of eV to Volts

V i.e. Volts = 1.602176565× 10 -19 × E (eV)/ Q (C)

This formula implies that the voltage in volts is evaluated by augmenting 1.602176565 ×10-19 by the power in eV i.e. electron-volts and then halving the output by the Coulomb (C).