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                     Joules to Volts calculator

Ø Joule

Joule is a quantity of electrical energy proportional to the work accomplished by a force of one newton working between a distance of one meter. Make use of the Joules to Volts calculator to convert joule into Volts


Ø Volts

A volt is interpreted as the distinction in electric potential in the middle of two of a conducting cord at the time when a current of one ampere flows one watt of power connecting the two ends.  


Ø What is Joules to Volts calculator?

Joules to Volts calculator transforms the energy in joules to volts. Joules and watts are distinct and so it can't be converted directly. It implies that to find out the volts the only possible way is to specify it from coulombs and joules.

This calculator has been created with understandable characteristics however it accomplishes effectively in executing the changes. Make sure that you enter every field fully, as the output relies on the units you fill in all the fields.


Ø How does Joules to Volts calculator work?

Joules to Volts calculator works very handily, you can get your output instantly after entering the data. There are two text boxes,  the initial one implies the energy in joules (J, and in the second, type the charge in coulombs. After filling the data's click on the Calculate button; as soon as you click on the calculate button, the lowermost portion of the joules to volts calculator demonstrates the voltage output in volts(V) as per the units filled in the respective text areas. This calculator gives valid output in time and works expertly in transforming joules to watts. Also, there is a reset button that is beneficial at the time you keep different units also that you would like to convert.

For instance, when you fill the energy in joules like 40(J) and the charge in coulombs like 22 (C) accordingly the voltage output in volts will be 1.81 V. To perform another calculation, make use of the Reset button to erase the last data.

Make sure that every text area is entered entirely and accurately to receive the exact output. If you enter the energy in joules and forget to enter charge in coulombs, then this calculator will not give the common output as it cannot be transformed directly.


The formula used by Joules to volts calculator in performing the calculation:

V (V)=E (J) / Q(C) .