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                    kVA to amps calculator


A volt-ampere i.e. kVA is the unit utilized for the apparent power in a circuit. kVA notifies you of the full quantity of power utilized in a system. Volts-ampere is helpful just in the condition of interchanging current circuits. For converting kVA to amps make use of the KVA to amps calculator for an accurate answer in a short span



Amps abbreviated as Ampere are a quantity of the electrical current flowing in a circuit. It is a unit of electrical current that quantities the electromagnetic force connecting electrical conductors transmitting current.

If we maintain ampere in two upright side by side conductors of boundless length, of insignificant circular representation, and positioned one-meter distant ina vacuum, then it will generate a force proportional to 2×10-7 newtons each length in the middle of these conductors. 


What is kVA to the amps calculator?

kVA to amps calculator transforms kVA i.e. Kilovolts-amps with the voltage in volts to ampere shortened as amps. You will receive an accurate output in a short time after entering all the data. This calculator saves time by preventing from doing the calculation manually.


How does kVA to amps calculator work?

kVA to amps calculator is an understandable calculator that can be used by anyone without being skilled. So, to receive the exact amps, start by choosing the phase i.e single-phase or a three-phase. Then, type the kilovolts-amps (kVA) came next by the volts in a similar sequence.

It is crucial to understand that kilovolts-amps does not get converted straight to amps as they are distinct quantities. It is essential to enter the voltage in volts in the respective area so that the calculation gets complete.

Once you enter the entire data correctly, click on the Calculate button, then in the lowermost part of the kVA to volts calculator,the result will be displayed. You will get the exact output within seconds. Make use of the Reset button, that will support you to proceed with the new calculation.


The kVA to volts calculator uses some formulas to convert kVA to volts:

·        The formula for converting single phase kilovolts-amps to Amps

I (A) =1000 ×S (kVA) / V (V)


·        The formula for converting three-phase kilovolts-amps to Amps

For line to line voltage- I (A) = 1000 ×S (kVA) / (√3 × V L-L (V)).

For a line to Neutral Voltage- I (A)=1000×S (kVA)/ (3×VL-N (V)).