KD Ratio Calculator - Check your kill death rate

                       Kd ratio calculator

KD ratio calculator enables you to evaluate your kill,  death, assist ratios in your best-loved game. With the help of this calculator, you can handily differentiate your outcomes from those of different players.

What is the KD ratio?

KD ratio is a kill to death ratio. It is generally always brought used in firing and battling video games to interpret how frequent you die vs how repeatedly you destroy somebody. This is a crucial metric for the video games that depend entirely on kill vs deaths. In video games where assists and additional metrics are brought into the report, this is just one component that interprets your talent.


How to calculate the KD ratio using the KD ratio calculator?

You can calculate the KD ratio by two easy formulas:

KD = kills / deaths, this equation is for kill /death ratio and

KDA = (kills +assists)/ deaths, this equation is for kill-deaths/assists ratio.

 It demonstrates that if a player has 14 kills and 7 deaths, then that player’s KD ratio is proportional to 2. If a player has a KD ratio of 1 then that indicates that kills is equal to death means that the player got destroyed the same as the time he destroyed his foe.


What is a good KD (kill to death) ratio?

After knowing to estimate the KD ratio, we must understand how to know a good KD ratio. A simple means to know a good KD is to understand that a 1 KD ratio is just average. Because 1 KD means you have been killed exactly as you have destroyed your opponent. More number of kills shows the good player you are.  A KD of 1 or above shows that you were an advantage to your squad, as different from standing a feeder, however, this may not bring into statement assists, or any other calculated value you submitted, such as curing, capturing flags.


How to use the KD ratio calculator?

To find out the KD ratio using the kD ratio calculator, simply enter some values in the KD ratio calculator: Your number of deaths, number of kills, and number of assists. Then click on the Calculate button and your result i.e KD ratio will be displayed in the lower part of the calculator. You can calculate your kill /death as well as kill-death-assist ratios, as various video games count kills and assists jointly into the last account, so it does not make a difference if somebody steals your kill.