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                      kVA to Watts calculator

Ø Watts

Watts is the SI unit of power. It is the quantity of energy required for a commodity to process. It is equal to one joule each second, conforming to the ratio of utilization of energy in a circuit. For converting kVA to Watts calculator, use the amazing kVA to watts calculator and get the result within seconds.


kVA abbreviated as kilovolt-ampere is the unit utilized for the apparent power in a circuit. The apparent power equivalents the output of root-mean-square voltage and root-, mean-square current. In direct current, this output is proportional to the actual power in watts. kVA is beneficial just for shifting current circuits.

Ø What is the kVA to Watts calculator?

kVA to Watts calculator is a conversion tool that transforms the kilovolt-amps to watts. This calculator contains two data entering boxes that must be filled fully with the proper units to conduct the conversion.

Ø How does the kVA to Watts calculator work?

Firstly, the thing you have to do is to type the apparent power in kVA i.e. Kilovolts-amps. And in the following field, enter the power factor. Kilowatt-amps cannot be transformed straight to Watts because they are distinct units. Thus, to convert kVA to watts the power factor is utilized to receive the exact output in watts.

 After filling in the entire data, click on the Calculate button and as soon as you click on it, the kVA to Watts calculator displays the output relying on the units entered. In the lower part of the calculator, you will see your answer. At the time you need to execute another calculation, then make use of the Reset button to remove the previous data. This calculator similarly enables you to evaluate large unit calculations in a short time.

 It should be noted that this calculator executes one unit at a time. So, to do another calculation make use of the Reset button to start new calculations. The method can be used various times being sure of the apparent power in kVA and the power factor.

This kVA to Watts calculator utilizes a formula for converting kVA to Watts:

·        P (W)=1000× S (kVA) ×PF.  This formula demonstrates that the actual power in watts (W) can be evaluated by multiplying 1000 by the kilovolt-amps (kVA) by the power factor.  

The method can furthermore be illustrated as Watts =1000×kVA×PF or W.